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I found myself at a concert this week, one of the bands that I’ve been following for the past 6 months of my shit filled life. Their music is so good. It’s one of the few bands that embraces the balance of light and dark. They sing from their souls and write from their hope. It’s a beautiful thing. In… Read more →


When It Feels Like It’s Too Late

There they are, sitting in my draft folder, words that I wrote out days ago. They stare at me with big eyes whispering at me to take courage and press “publish” those words have been whispering at me all week. I didn’t know why, and in fact I thought that the subject matter might be a little pretentious. How many… Read more →

Love Graffiti

Can I Tell You Something?

Can I tell you something? I’ve gone to bed the last few nights thinking about us. Thinking about the ways we communicate, the ways we show our support, our love, our disagreements. Can I say something important? If our tone changes dramatically from one person to the next, we should check our opinion at the door and see if we’ve… Read more →


Depression Is A Sneaky Thief

It comes when you don’t expect, when you can’t anticipate. It comes after your good days, and stays till you can’t remember them. It bites the sunlight with its fangs and poisons it until every bit of light is somehow tainted, dimmer, and duller. The truth is I’ve known depression longer than I remember not knowing it. Maybe that sounds… Read more →


When I’m Not Okay

Today, I am not okay. Today it hurts to breathe. Today my soul is shaking at its deepest root and my heart is begging it to hold fast. Today, each exhale is a racking sob. Every face I see is a question mark, staring, sensing I have no answers. Today I am scared. I’m scared that I have failed Jesus… Read more →


Let The Lion Roar

It’s hard to be honest about yourself when you don’t know which part of you is “self.” It’s difficult to be vulnerable when each conversation is a breath of wind pushing you, pulling you, testing you. Are you enough? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I thought you needed me to be strong, so I learned to not speak about my problems. I thought you… Read more →


Do We Climb?

“Are these stairs?” he asks with a wide grin and a playful lilt in his young voice. “Do we climb them?” I feel the urge to correct. I close my eyes and see the to-do list behind my lids, my energy soon depleted. I weigh the moment of pleasure it will bring him to scale his imaginary world and conquer… Read more →

Coffee Art

My Confession

I have a confession to make: I am an all-or-nothing kind of gal. If it’s a cup of coffee, it’s a pot. If it’s a salad, I use ALL the vegetables. If it’s an art project, it turns into a small buisness. I’ve learned to live with this but sometimes I’m reminded that living my life that way can be… Read more →