I found myself at a concert this week, one of the bands that I’ve been following for the past 6 months of my shit filled life. Their music is so good. It’s one of the few bands that embraces the balance of light and dark. They sing from their souls and write from their hope. It’s a beautiful thing. In… Read more →

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Dear Gentleness

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve spoken with you. I know somewhere in my stack of Important Things I have your contact information. I keep meaning to sort through them all. I guess I’m worried that because it’s been so long since I’ve reached out to you, you will have forgotten about me. Or that you’ll have changed… Read more →


Living With Dragons

When I read your blog post about keeping the light on in the darkest and hardest of nights I re-wrote my comment more than 9 times. Your words were brilliant and moved me deeply into feeling suddenly “with” someone. My hesitancy was because no one knows I struggle with depression. Or if they do, they have not said anything about it. Depression is… Read more →


I Just Am (and it’s enough)

I’ve been afraid to write to you. Afraid that the words that will come out will be harsh. Afraid that my tongue will get ahead of my heart and you will be stung by the whiplash of an existence that is still so dichotomic it can’t decide which appendage of bodily function is to be used next. I have been… Read more →


Impending ~ A poem

You shuffled over      dragging right aware of your deep indigo before      your learned tongue flicked flatteries at my open wall   A hesitating slur of     neediness dribbled past your pointed teeth an anxious love     you said [beauty settles] jostling like skirted egos in need of arranging before they seat.   Silken milky shrouds wrapped so… Read more →


The Imprint

Sometimes you do things without thinking. You reach, because there is a need. The miracle that is your self and is aware of what ever constitutes normal is able to pick up on micro changes in your environment and voila, you react. Sometimes when you extend, you smell before you feel. Danger. Unknown. Not right. And incredibly you withdraw before… Read more →


Nothing- About Art

I like the color turquoise. I like the stone turquoise. I have a plush deep-seated chair with brown leaves and teal roses with velvet squiggles sitting behind me. I don’t know why I don’t sit on it. Anyway, welcome to that randomness. The next few weeks here I’m just going to be posting pictures of some of my recent painting/sketching.… Read more →

Desert Feet

Unraveling Threads

I don’t want to write anymore. It’s one thing to write when it feels like you are going somewhere and making progress. It is easier to write when there is beauty in the dark. Right now every day feels like I am staring into the eye sockets of ever-widening sinkholes of unknown. I’m tired of trying to re-fill my hope… Read more →



Sunday    She talked of the wilderness with no inflection, A sweet treble set in firm expectation of the landing. My dancing fingers were not so sure. The writhing cloves ascend in exaltation to the peaks of rooftops, Holy set behind the veil. I do not understand…   -to continue reading go to Jamie Bagley’s Site Read more →


When Freedom Means Uncertainty

I was talking to a friend this week about my difficulties with “God” my frustration with the separation between my academic knowledge, and my hearts experience of Him/She/It.  I want them to meet in the middle and they don’t. “It’s a relationship, not a religion” is said too easily. A relationship with what? A book? Words on a page? How… Read more →